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First 5K of the Season

Today I didn’t have time to go to the gym for a full workout, so I decided to take advantage of the nice weather for once and go out for a run.

I tried an interval strategy in which I sprinted for the first 100 meters of every kilometer.  It was tough, and I finish the 5k just a hair over 30 minutes.

As usual, I took the FitBit Surge and also my iPhone running the Nike+ app. I always find it interesting to see how the two systems log the run slightly differently. Check it out:

And here are the time splits:

The FitBit always shows my numbers a bit better. I think it’s because the Nike+ app needs to rely on the phone’s GPS system and there’s likely more hardware and software hoops to go through to gather the info, which generates a slight delay in the reporting. The FitBit is a dedicated device with more sensors and accelerometers, so it tend to trust it more.

Anyway, it was a good workout and I was really tired at the end!


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