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Consult with personal trainer

As part of the deal of joining my local gym, they offer three sessions with a personal trainer. I took my first one today, so I didn’t work my plan, but did whatever Joe told me too. This is what we did:

  • 5 min rowing
  • 3 sets of
    • 8 reverse crunches
    • 8 kettle bell squats
    • 8 weighed calf raises
    • 8 weighted step ups
    • 20 second plank
  • Leg press: 3 sets of 8
  • Leg curl: 3 sets of 8
  • Rope climb machine: 3 minutes
  • Tricep cable pull down: 3 sets of 8
  • Bicep cable curl: 3 sets of 8
  • Stretching

It was just an assessment so not super strenuous. We scheduled the next session for early May.

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